Self guided tours along the top of the canyon, following the same route that summer visitors take, is prone to being slippery. It can be done but be prepared with suitable footwear.

Far more interesting though, is the tours available along the bottom of the canyon: Maligne Canyon Ice Walk.

Imagine walking among nature's icy sculptures, right on the floor of a frozen canyon that in summer overflows with churning water rushing between its sheer limestone walls.

Welcome to Maligne Canyon, the deepest gorge in Jasper National Park, named for its mysterious and haunting environment. While the hardiest souls may be climbing the sheets of tumbling ice, anyone can strap on anti-slip cleats for an incredible winter ice-walk adventure along the frozen canyon. Explore ice fossils and towering frozen waterfalls stretching over 30 metres up the canyon walls.

For a truly unique experience, take a tour of Maligne Canyon at night. It will be dark in the canyon, but once you strap on a headlamp, the illumination of the limestone and the constantly evolving ice formations creates an otherworldly effect. Switch off your headlamp for a moment and look up at the sky full of stars. Under a full moon, nocturnal canyon tours are even more mesmerizing under the ethereal glow.

Please note our facility is Closed from late October through early April Seasonally ~ Enjoy the Ice Walk!

We here at Maligne Canyon do not offer guided tours, however we have some fantastic local Jasper companies that may assist your requirements.

For guided tours, please contact the Jasper Adventure CentreSundog Tours or Walks and Talks, Jasper. You can also take the self-guided tour.  Parks Canada has implemented some amazing interpretative signs for your convenience.