At the highest point. This bridge, commonly called the "Second Bridge" is more than 165 feet above the water.

Leaning over the railing to get a better view is a strong temptation. Just don't drop your camera.

Most people will stop at the "Third Bridge" shown here in our last picture. It is from here that one of the most easily seen waterfalls is located. This spot gives a perfect photo opportunity. 


The trail continues on beyond here with several more wonderful views between here and the "Forth Bridge". Sadly no camera does them justice; you'll have to see them yourself.

From the "Forth Bridge" to the fifth bridge the canyon settles down in terms of depth but not beauty.

For a real Rocky Mountain experience talk one of your party into turning back at the "Third Bridge" or "Forth Bridge". Ask them to drive your vehicle from the Restaurant back down the Maligne Road to the "Fifth Bridge" parking lot.

This will allow you and the rest of your party to hike the full length of the Maligne Canyon on the downhill grade.

We here at Maligne Canyon do not offer guided tours, however we have some fantastic local Jasper companies that may assist your requirements.

For guided tours, please contact the Jasper Adventure CentreSundog Tours or Walks and Talks, Jasper. You can also take the self-guided tour.  Parks Canada has implemented some amazing interpretative signs for your convenience.

For additional Trail information, please contact the Parks Canada Information Centre, located downtown Jasper across from the Train Station.