Maligne Canyon Coffee Bar & Sweets

Our Newly Renovated Coffee Bar for your convenience is located at the entrance of our Restaurant!  We also offer a second coffee bar located at the back end of our restaurant!

Coffee Bar Menu

Maligne Canyon Coffee $2.50

Maligne Canyon Herbal Tea $2.50

Hot Chocolate $3.25

Espresso ~ Single shot $2.50 Double shot $3.50

Cafe Latte $4.25

Cappuccino $4.75

Americano ~ Single shot $2.75 Double shot $3.75

Flat White Latte  $4.75

Flavoured Latte $5.75

Iced Cappuccino $5.50

London Fog (Earl Grey Tea & Vanilla Flavour) $5.25

Chai Latte (made with Real Chai Tea Leaves) $5.25

If you have any special requests please let us know at the time of ordering.



Our Pastry Chef creates fresh delights daily.  Come in and enjoy a Hot Beverage the way you like it with one of our tasty treats!

Homemade Baklava $5.95    

Apple Strudel $5.95

Topfen Strudel $5.95   

Apple Pie $4.95

Pecan Pie $4.95

Cinnamon Nut Cake $4.95

Pineapple Cake $4.95

Danishes $2.95

Variety of Croissants $2.95

Variety of Cookies $2.95

Cinnamon Buns $2.95

Raisin Scones $2.95

Variety of Muffins $2.75

Tiramisu $8.95

New York Style Cheesecake $8.95


Specialty Coffees (1oz) $6.95

Must be 18 years of age or older and these beverages must be consumed on the premises.

Maligne Canyon Coffee ~ Frangelico, Amaretto and Bailey’s with whipped cream

Rocky Mountain Coffee ~ Bailey’s, Hot Chocolate and Coffee with whipped cream

Monte Cristo ~ Kahlua and Grand Marnier with whipped cream topping

Mountain Peak ~ Peppermint Schnapps, Bailey’s and Hot Chocolate with whipped cream

Blueberry Tea ~ Amaretto, Grand Marnier and Earl Grey Tea


All Prices do not include 5% Tax or Gratuities